Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

LOMIS PPIE Research User Group (PPIE RUG)

We are committed to the active involvement of patients, their carers, potential users of the service and the wider public in our research. Thus, the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) is at the heart of the LOMIS Project, from the initial design to the research delivery and planning the dissemination of our findings. The LOMIS PPIE Research User Group (PPIE RUG) was established to co-produce this project by placing the end users’ views at the centre of our design process.

Co‐producing a research project is an approach in which researchers, practitioners and the public work together, sharing power and responsibility from the start to the end of the project, including the generation of knowledge.”


PPIE RUG Academic Lead – Prof Yeliz Prior

Yeliz is based at the Centre for Health Sciences Research, University of Salford as a Senior Research Fellow and the academic lead for the LOMIS PPIE Research User Group (PPIE RUG). She is a clinical occupational therapist, specialising in behaviour change interventions and digital health technologies, with a keen interest to support PPIE to help integrate their treatment priority and preferences in a complex, diverse and evolving health research landscape. She has over 13 years’ experience in delivering therapeutic interventions to people with long-term conditions, and have led the development of online self-management platforms such as the with PPIE and co-produced digital therapeutics such as the My Arthritis App which is widely used across the UK to help self-management of inflammatory arthritis.
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PPIE RUG Co-Lead – Mr Andy Lavender

Andy Lavender is our PPIE RUG co-lead, who has been living with diabetes for >50 years. A Diabetes UK Award winner, Nabarro Medal owner and voted one of HSJs top 10 most influential patients, his lived experience of diabetic foot ulcers and Charcot foot has led him to work with people and large institutions to help improve provision of care across the NHS. Andy has strived to improve all areas of diabetes care, working with organisations such as the Chester Universities Dietetics Department for student inductions and projects and teaching patients’ perspectives at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics to help influence future health professionals and researchers to see the person living with diabetes, and not just the condition. Andy works closely with Yeliz to help lead the PPIE activities within RUG and the representation of the RUG input within the operational group of the wider LOMIS project to ensure these are successfully embedded within the project design and delivery.


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