A wearable insole system to measure plantar pressure and shear for people with diabetes
Tang J, Bader DL, Moser D, Parker DJ, Forghany S, Nester CJ, Jiang L
Sensors. 2023, 23:3126-3141

Evaluation of in-shoe plantar pressure and shear during walking for diabetic foot ulcer prevention
Tang J, Bader DL, Parker DJ, Forghany S, Nester CJ, Moser D, Jiang L
Journal of Wound Care. 2023, 32(9):587-596


Dr Daniel Parker presented at 2021 ISPO UK ASM

Dr Dan Parker delivered a presentation entitles ‘Challenges for measurement and monitoring of risk in the diabetic foot – The development of a novel in-shoe system’ at ISPO UK & Norway Member Societies Joint ASM 2021, held on 14th – 15th October online.

15th Oct 2021